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AbbottCo on Federal Print Panel

Abbott & Co Printer Wins Place on the Federal Government Print Panel

The biggest Federal Government print panel was opened to new member applications on 24 August 2015 (closing on the 22nd of September 2015), with panel members being offered contracts or invited to limited tender opportunities by numerous government departments and agencies.

Abbott & Co Printers are proud to announce their inclusion on this production multi-use list.

Abbott & Co Printers nominated 10 printing categories and were successful in all 10 categories.

Abbott & Co are eligible for jobs in 10 of the 12 different print categories.  They are:

  • Offset;
  • Digital;
  • * Cold-set and heat-set web printing in various run sizes;
  • * On-demand print;
  • * Finishing;
  • Envelope printing;
  • * Security printing and
  • * Corporate merchandise.

In order to secure its place on the list, a number of criteria had to be met by Abbott & Co including, demonstration of the relevant experience and expertise in delivery of the numerous print categories required, as well as compliance with a number of relevant business processes, legislation, policy and standards one of which included environmental standards.

“We very pleased to be included on this list” says Abbott & Co’s Director, James Smedley “we pride ourselves on our Green Stamp Accreditation – a program focusing on reducing the environmental impact of the printing industry and look forward to delivering high quality printing materials to fulfill the contracts resulting from this opportunity”.









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