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Four considerations when deciding on your printing supplier

Local Versus Online

Whilst online vendors can be more competitive on overall pricing, there are going to be instances where you need something done relatively quickly. In such circumstances knowing that your print supplier has the capacity to get an urgent job turned around quickly is money well spent for peace of mind, consistent and reliable service.

Can They Handle My Files?

Graphic designers typically work with Adobe programs usually Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, it’s important that whatever print supplier you choose to work with be able to handle native EPS files and print ready PDF documents.

Your print supplier should endeavor to make sure that the print files you are providing them with are in the highest quality format, ensuring the best possible results for your finished printed products.

Graphic designers often work on projects that require bleed. The printer you choose to work with should be able to handle files with bleed.

Customer Service.

Today one thing many companies, across all industry segments neglect is customer service. Whilst speed, price and convenience are all factors in choosing your suppliers, if the customer service experience is less than optimal you should consider taking a closer look at the vendors you are working with.

One of the core values of Abbott & Co Printers is the delivery of not only outstanding print quality but also the provision of excellent customer service.

The Quality of Work.

However, in noting the importance of good customer service – quality work still trumps everything.

As a purchaser of printing services it is important for you to be able to judge the quality that a print vendor is going to provide you with. For this reason Abbott & Co are more than happy to provide you with free samples to demonstrate the quality of work that we are capable of.

Whether you’re designer, a small business or a large company it’s important to consider the type of relationship you want to have with your vendors and the standard you want to set for the quality of your print materials.

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