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Multi-award winning and West Australian owned and helping West Australia for all printing needs since 1939.

Definining the essence of business.

Logistics is a term that is being used widely and is seldom understood by either the business or the client.

In basic terms logistics defines the very essence of business. “Getting what you want, when you want it, to the right location and at the right price”.

Abbott and Co understands this philosophy very well. In fact it drives the core of the printing business that has made the company a Perth institution for the last 68 years.


“Our company is defined by the expression of clients’ satisfaction of the entire relationship they have with Abbott and Co,” commented James Smedley, Managing Director, “Not just by the physical printed output.”

Understanding the benefits of print logistics for the client provides the following outcomes:


Logistics is not just a word used in today’s larger companies. It is a term and a philosophy Abbott and Co uses to help business of all sizes regardless of location.

It is easier to understand the benefits when looking at a basic example through the process that Abbott and Co uses.

Step 1: Abbott and Co reviews your past print requirements and in discussion with staff and management helps to determine you future needs.

Step 2: Printing is then treated as a long term “PLANNED” process. Abbott and Co has found that print costs remain high because decisions are always made as and when new stationary is required and not as a strategic business decision that is planned for. This is where the savings begin to be made.

Step 3: Delivery, warehousing, changes, and ordering are done through Abbott and Co’s online system enabling the client to have direct control in where and when stock is to be delivered.

Step 4: Abbott and Co works with both the client and the designer to see where other efficiencies and cost savings can be made. An example of this is to take advantage of the 4 colour print process where savings are made by “scheduling” certain jobs on certain days and grouping many clients together and passing the savings on.

Step 5: Abbott and Co then provides our 68 years of experience to offer an overall solution that ensures each of our clients’ regardless of size receives the same level of service and dedication. In fact James, our managing director, puts his signature to it in a contract that stipulates our level of service, price, quality, and guarantee.

The first step for you, our client, is to decide to take control of your printing costs and call James at Abbott and Co to find out more about our logistics printing services.