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What is the Green Stamp Accreditation?

The Green Stamp Program is an environmental initiative developed by the Printing Industries Association of Australia (WA) in conjunction with the Western Australian Department of Environment.The program assists printing businesses to introduce processes and practices that avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of their wastes in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The program has identified and focuses on several key areas considered essential to reducing the environmental impact of the printing industry.

There are three levels of Green Stamp Accreditation.

Abbott & Co Printers & Packaging  win the City of Belmont Environmental award

The printing industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Australia. The industry impacts on our environment in a number of ways. Therefore it was quite an achievement for Abbott & Co Printers & Packaging, to win the City of Belmont’s Business Environmental Award.

Abbott & Co Printers & Packaging  have a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan. As part of this plan we have invested in a waterless and chemical free plate making machine.

Abbott & Co Printers & Packaging were awarded the Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry Environmental Award for 2012.